UltraScan III Installation:

UltraScan III is available for free download in binary or source-code format for three major operating systems: Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. The installation instructions vary for different platforms, please consult the operating system-specific instructions below. After installation, each copy must be registered. If UltraScan has not previously been registered, a dialog pops up:

After clicking on "Register", the registration dialog opens up:

Fill in your contact information and click on "Register" to submit your registration. A 1 year license file for the appropriat use and operating systems will be generated remotely, which should be received by clicking on "Finish Registration". An e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address to validate that the license has been generated:

The last step is to click on "Finish Registration" to confirm receipt of the license. The leftmost button now should read "Update/Renew":

The licence will expire after one year and needs to be renewed by simply clicking on the "Update/Renew" button.

Configuration: Configure your new installation by selecting "Edit:Preferences" from the main menu. Preference settings on a Macintosh computer can be found under the standard configuration places for Macintosh software. The following items should be configured:

  1. Default Data Location: Database (selected)
  2. Master Password: Change to something you can remember!
  3. Advanced Settings: Debug Level: 0
  4. Advanced Settings: Advanced Level: 0
  5. Advanced Settings: Number of Threads: Concurrent processes available from your hardware (typically 4)
  6. Advanced Settings: Noise Dialog Flag: 0

Then click "Save" and store new settings.

For LIMS integration, your LIMS account must be upgraded to user-level 2 first before you can access LIMS database functionality from your LIMS account. This will be handled by the LIMS manager for your LIMS instance.

Operating System Specific Instructions: