UltraScan III Version 4.0 Announcement

Dear Colleagues,
I am happy to announce the release of UltraScan-III version 4.0! Our latest release has many new features (and undoubtedly many new bugs), but also many bug fixes and improvements in the interface.

Some of the highlights:

LIMS users: Please be advised that all supercomputer clusters have been upgraded as of this time to version 4.0 and all modeling will give best results when the desktop software is matched to 4.0 as well. Therefore we recommend that all users upgrade to 4.0. Some older datasets already analyzed with previous versions can still be viewed with version 3.5, which will remain available on our download website with the latest 3.5 release (revision 2379).

Users of older computers: We have discontinued the support for 32-bit software for Windows and Macintosh since all half-way modern computers now run 64-bit operating systems, and all have multi-core architectures. Nevertheless, our last 32-bit release will remain on our website for some time to support those of you still working on 32-bit computers, but will only support version 3.3.

Ultrascan-III-in-a-box users: Please contact us for specific instructions.

Please contact me (demeler@biochem.uthscsa.edu) or Gary Gorbet (gegorbet@gmail.com) with any questions about UltraScan-AUC. For UltraScan-SOMO questions, please contact Emre Brookes (emre@biochem.uthscsa.edu) or Mattia Rocco (mattia.rocco@hsanmartino.it).